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Soccer coach and ex-pro player.  Fascial stretch therapist. Strength trainer to teen athletes and special populations.

World kettlebell champion.  Spartan racer.  Athletic trainer to teen girls and special populations. Mom of twins.  

Kersten Kimura

Sara Nelson

Oakland firefighter. Strength and conditioning specialist to first responders and athletes. Mobility coach.  Your biggest fan. 

Remy Neuville

Chip Baker

Track & field ex-competitor. Strength coach and mobility specialist. Hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery expert.

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Engaging in weight -bearing exercise 2-3x per week reduces the risk of osteoporosis. 

Burning 350 calories 3x per week can help heal regions of the brain damaged by depression. 

Regular exercise has been found to increase immunity.



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Emma Traynor, Albany High School Athlete, Junior Kettlebell Champion

"Training with Sara is amazing. She has given me the most amazing gift I could ever imagine!"

Alice Lee, VP Merchandising at Title Nine

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Igor Estrella, BJJ Champion, Gracie Humaita Black Belt

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